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Precision Practice

Those area's you and I are trying to develop, trying to grow in we must practice. And practice the "right" way. Practicing with precision and intentionality is the key. Put yourself in extreme practice conditions on purpose. Whatever you are are practicing for, make sure the environment is as similar as possible.

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A New Approach

In the 1960s Dick Fosbury changed the sport of high jumping as we know it. A somewhat unsuccessful athlete who could not compete with the stronger, more capable sportsmen opted for a new approach. Fosbury created a new technique and way of high jumping - and it stunned his coaches, other athletes and eventually the world.

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The Challenge of Change

Change is talked about a lot. We hear change is hard. Change is constant. Change is necessary. Change is good. Change is not a threat.

Lots of "change messaging" bombarding us.

What I have noticed is when things are going good, or even great, change is the hardest.

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