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FC with FOne

I am often asked about the return on investment or the cost savings that FOne (FellowshipONE) offers FC. Here is an initial list without a ton of time invested on my part. Soft Costs

-Better Staff Communication -Documented communication with visitors -Real time attendance tracking -Fast, accurate check-in -Data available directly to ministry leaders -Anytime, anywhere access for staff -Real time contributions data -Clean and accurate data

Hard Costs

-Online Giving! Huge, 23 % of our budget is given digitally. (Help cultivate consistent givers) -Online Registration. Cut back on administration of manually keying data and managing cash, checks, etc... -Volunteer Management. Staff and manage your volunteers online. Cut back on administration staff. -Background Check Management- All background checks flow digitally through the system. This is a huge savings because you will ensure that your people only get 1 background check per event. -Contributions System- Real time check scanning and data processing. -Powerful reports that save time! This saved us a ton of money on staffing. -Contribution statements. Because our contribution statements are now online, we only mail them out once a year. -No Servers and no server administration.

Those are the first few things that pop in my head. Bottom line is the ROI will continue to grow as your churches grows. Remember, our goal when developing this was MOVING ADMINISTRATION TO MINISTRY!