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Death by Inbox

Do you ever feel like your Inbox is killing you? Are you drowning in the abyss of of your email? If so, join the rest of corporate america. Here are a few tips I recommend!

1) Set up a personal email account, and open it sparingly. Route all your personal mail away from your corporate email. (Plug Gmail here!) 2) Close your email client! Schedule times throughout the day to respond to email. 3) Get off distribution lists that you don't need. 4) Respond immediately. Don't use email as a catchall. If you must keep them, file them, if not, delete them. 5) Write a great subject line. Here are my top 5 Commandments to the organizations.

1) Move corporate-wide communication away from email to the Portal. 2) Invest in Spam / Virus Solutions. 3) Be specific. Keep is short and simple. 4) Only send GROUP emails to people interested. Also, use reply to all sparingly. 5) Don't use graphics or backgrounds in your emails.

Don't get me wrong, email can be a very effective tool. However, if not used properly email can really become a productivity killer. Don't forget, email, as well as many technology tools are not personal. Get out and talk to people in your office. You can never beat a face to face!