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Adventure Week Cubed at Fellowship

If you have never seen it with your own eyes, then nothing that I will be able to put into words will be able to explain how amazing Adventure Week is. But, I am going to try anyway. Let me start by extolling the greatness that is Pastor Mike Johnson. Mike is the FC Kids Pastor for Fellowship and is the creative genius behind all things kids at Fellowship. Mike's vision for kids will challenge the greatest Pixar Animation Studios employee. It is his vision and commitment to these kids that makes the entire experience explosive.

As the kids enter the building they are surrounded by bubbles falling from above and various interactive games lining the hallways. A NASA worthy rocket ship and a large red planet hover overhead in the main area of the "Fellowship Space Station." Each night the kids are whisked through an incredibly fast check in process to their specified "Docking Station" determined by age and grade level. (Ages 4yrs-5th grade are encouraged to come)

The kids are escorted from their Docking Station to the auditorium to be entertained with a witty drama telling the story of a futuristic outer space dilemma. The Mission: to recover the last Bible left in space! After the drama the kids rotate between four stations. These stations are: § the Missions station, where they learn about Missions § the Snack station § the Craft station § the Games station where they play games outside

Adventure Week helps shape young lives to understand the Truth: Jesus loves them, and gave His life for them. It is a vital teaching opportunity that we have here at FC, an exciting time for the kids each year, and a fulfilling yearly project for our staff and volunteers. Here is the 2004 breakdown.

Total Unique Kids for all 3 weeks: 4468 Over 900 Salvation's

Week 1: Day, Kids, Volunteers Monday, 1111, 436 Tuesday, 1105, 443 Wednesday, 1086, 437 Thursday, 1066, 411 Friday, 1083, 414

Week 2: Monday, 1356, 458 Tuesday, 1340, 446 Wednesday, 1340, 447 Thursday, 1313, 444 Friday, 1266, 433

Week 3: Monday, 1417, 500 Tuesday, 1449, 491 Wednesday, 1276, 445 Thursday, 1400, 443 Friday, 1329, 447