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Another reason for an ASP solution!

Here is an article that I read a few days ago. This shows yet another reason to be utilizing an ASP solution for your Church Management System (CMS). Fellowship Technologies, who is providing the only enterprise CMS on the market has done a great job of flying under the radar screen (note, they were not mentioned in the article.)-------------------------------------------------------------- When computers were stolen recently from the Gilbert, Ariz., St. Anne’s Catholic Church, church leaders found themselves in the position of informing some 7,600 parishioners that their personal information was no longer safe.

According to the Associated Press, the computers included databases of names, addresses, phone numbers and ages of all registered parishioners, as well as bank account numbers for about 3,000 parishioners who write checks to the church on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Security is a large part of what is an overwhelming decision about church management software. (One Internet directory lists some 56 brands.) However, the problems technology creates might be solved by technology as well with the influx of what IT and business people have long known as "ASP" -- and what churches are now learning about as a place for church data where rust does not corrupt and thieves cannot steal. --------------------------------------------------------------

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