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Leadership Uncensored – Uncut

Solid leadership is imperative in the church today. What do you do with the hard hitting questions regarding staffing, equipping, and motivating your team? Ed Young, Sr. Pastor of Fellowship Church has created a key to unlocking the essentials of a strong church leadership team. It is a resource called “Leadership Uncensored”. It is the real deal when it comes to what works and what doesn’t in church management. An honest round-table talk between Ed Young and his creative staff is what you will find in the Leadership Uncensored material available at This resource is one of our favorite products to promote, and it comes in the form of MP3s or CDs. There is nothing more “real” than these discussions with Ed and his various staff members. The topics covered are so vital to our growth here at FC that these resources are available on our internal network for every staff member to listen to anytime. Some of the topics covered are:

1. Ready, Set, Hire – Hiring Effective Staff Members 2. Becoming a Yes Man – The Importance of Loyalty 3. Structuring a Staff-Led Church – Effective Church Management 4. It’s About the Weekend Stupid! – The Importance of the Weekend Service 5. Assimilation Begins in the Parking Lot – Keys to a Successful Assimilation 6. A Time to Chill – Vital Reasons for Taking a Break 7. Negotiating Around Negativity – Destroying Destructive Attitudes

The LU materials can help you sort, shape, and strengthen the priorities of how you “do church”. These tough issues are addressed and reviewed at length, and they are applicable to your church. From bylaw recommendations to the necessity of loyalty in leadership, the freshness of the information given is energetic and essential. The mistakes and lessons that Fellowship has learned in the 14 years of growth are invaluable and can save your leadership team headache and heartache. Effective placement of church funds, time management, and day-to-day ministries are all addressed here in Leadership Uncensored.

Check it out. Please feel free to email any topic or ideas you have.