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A word to the church technology guy.

GET OUT OF THE WAY. I have an incredible opportunity to talk to many church technology pastors and leaders on a weekly basis and I have become overwhelmingly convinced that most mean well, but end up getting in the way of true ministry!

I know that this sounds harsh, but I am sick and tired of hearing about technology guys planning, organizing and implementing techno toys that have no ministry impact. Sad but true, I have personally witnessed a large church west of the Mississippi make mistake after mistake lead by the IT team (who means well) but can not get out of the way enough to make the right decision for the church and ministry. The IT team is too caught up in techno talk and bits and bites to see the big picture.

Technology in a church can be very powerful when it is married to the vision of the church, and comes along side it as a tool. As Ed would say, “Don’t let the technology tail wag the dog!”

In closing let me soften my message and say that I understand how difficult being in ministry is. I have served on staff here at FC for nearly 6 years and have seen and been a part of tons of changes. One prayer that helps me stay grounded is this- “God, don’t let me get in Your way and allow me to see things the way that You want me to see them.”

1 Cor 2:7 Jer 29:11 Col 1:16