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Google charges towards Microsoft

Logo3A few days ago Google launched Google Desktop Search. For anyone wondering where Google was going to get its long-term growth, well here ya go. The company now has a thin-client application that searches your own destop for files you want. And how long have we been waiting for this from Microsoft? I still think that this will seamlessly integrate with the Google Browser, but many will disagree with me.

The Google Desktop is your own private little Google server. It sits in the background, slogging through your files and folders, indexing your incoming and outgoing email messages, listening in on your instant messenger chats, and browsing the Web right along with you. Just about anything you see and summarily forget, the Google Desktop sees and memorizes for you.

And it operates in real time.

The bottom line is, this rocks! There is really nothing that it cannot find within its current searching limitations that include data from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer. But, if you are a Mac user then you will feel left out. This version is not available for Mac OS X, however, if this gets included into the browser, then Mac users will be happy. Do note, Apple is building similar functionality into next year's Tiger release.

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