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FellowshipONE Multi Campus solution

As you are all aware, Fellowship Church is going through a major expansion. We are launching 2 new satellite/remote campuses in January. There is a good chance that we could follow up with a third in the 2 quarter of 05. With that being said, it has put some major pressure on us to come up with a GREAT FellowshipONE multi campus solution. So, how does this affect you, you might be asking…Well, I do not want to tackle this alone. I think that a combined effort could first be a cost savings to all parties involved, and secondly, I am not that smart. I would love to have multiple eyes and thoughts involved. My goal is to get a total of 5 churches involved. I am hesitant to go more that 5 because of the challenges that presents.

So, if you are currently doing satellite/remote campuses, or expect that you will be doing them in the near future and would like to be a part of this effort let me know! ------------------------------------------------- Learn more about FellowshipONE [Link] My stuff on FellowshipONE [Link]

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