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Review: BlackBerry 7290 Wireless Handheld

Blackberry7290 I am sold again. Six or so months back I dove into the Blackberry world with the 7780, the previous version. Check out my previous review. Now with BlackBerry 7290 RIM (Research in Motion) has stepped it up a notch.

Pros: Bluetooth Automatic network time sync 32 MB Flash Memory plus 4 MB SDRAM Quad-Band handheld, operates on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS Picture Viewer Integrated with MS Exchange Easy to use interface Always connected to GPRS network Easy to use thumb keyboard Great battery life (even with Bluetooth activated) Large viewable screen 1 device!

Cons: No camera Little larger in size and weight

Again, I can say that the Blackberry is the best technology device that I have used in quite some time. Being as mobile as I am, the Blackberry allows me to stay connected and productive from wherever I may roam. I find that I use the BBerry anytime that I have downtime to answer email, check my calendar and communicate with my staff.

One final thought, I do think that there needs to be some Blackberry etiquette. So if someone would like to write a comment dedicated to meeting use and common etiquette I would love to see your thoughts!

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