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Wiki. Stupid name, cool concept.

Thank Chad for this stuff. However, I do have to say that this is pretty cool. I am sure that Bailey is all over it.

Occasionally when you're writing a regular column that is turned in a full week before it actually runs (for copy editing, etc.), a serendipitous intersection with real-time blog discussion happens. And so it happened with Tim Bray's post reinforcing the fundamental distinction between the blog and wiki concepts and my column that went online the same day ("Is the Wiki under your radar?").

My sense is that your average corporate IT person is still catching up on what blogs mean for knowledge management, and something with such a whimsical name (a wiki?) is way down the priority list. A lazy writer might be tempted to lump blogs and wikis together just to get it out of the way and move on to other topics, but equating the two is kind of like saying basketball and hockey are converging because in both cases, you are trying to put an object in a net.

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