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Upgrade your iPod

What will it take for you to upgrade your iPod? I have often thought about this, always looking for the right opportunity to justify getting my next toy. I love my iPod, I have the second generation iPod before the new Mini iPod wheel was released. It is truly a wonderful device. But, what is it going to take to get me to upgrade? This would do it...

****Patent for wireless iPod turns up****

The patent for this was filed over a year and a half ago, but c’mon, is anyone all that surprised that Apple has at least been experimenting with a wireless iPod, a WiPod, if you will? A patent published on Thursday but that Apple filed in April of last year talks about a wirelessly-enabled handheld player that can beam music and information to multiple other media devices, a docking station for communicating with other devices, and something about wirelessly transmitting “media items” to a handheld device over a network. No mention of what wireless standard might be involved (maybe Apple is just waiting for 802.11n to get going), but don’t be shocked if they roll out a new a wireless iPod next year that can beam music to an AirPort Express and wirelessly sync up with a computer.

Thanks Engadget!

Well, that will do it. The minute that the WiPod is released I am sold. How about you? I tell ya, I still want to see the WiPod with XM Radio and Tivo like record functions.

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