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Digital Media and it's future

Seth points to the future in one paragraph of his post called Thinking About Digital Media

    Can you make any money giving away an ebook? I think you can. I think you do when the idea spreads and     people want to interact with you in other ways. And those interactions are the currency of the future.

Attention music labels are you listening. I have believed for a long time that music is and wants to be free. It's the experiences and information you build around the music that is where the future revenue lives. Just like movies on DVD and the added goodies, deleted scenes, alternate endings, etc.

Free content that engages a participant simply whets their appetite and primes them for additional interactions with the content creator. It's why Godin gives his dusty content away. The spread of ideas connected to Godin increases his new book sales and ups his speaking fees as demand increases to hear directly from him.

-Thinking by Peter Davidson

Let me throw this out. How will this effect the local church and it's delivery method? How will the "big boys" in the Christian world get their message out to other pastors and to people that want and need the message? Interesting stuff!!! I need a white board.