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52 Leadership Tips- #3


To be a great leader you must have a solid leadership core around you. Yes, that is a bold statement I know. I will say that you can be a good leader without a solid core, but I truly believe that you cannot take it to the next level without a solid leadership core around you. To get a good picture of this take a moment and look at some great historic leaders, you do not have to look very far before you see a fascinating trend… Great leaders have a great leadership core around them.

In my opinion this goes for every leadership style and every leadership level. No matter where you are in you leadership path you must have a solid core around you. This will look different for everyone. If you are early in your leadership path this core might be volunteers, friends or even a spouse. If you are a sales manager this might be your “top” sales guys/gals that are your go to folks. No matter where you are, what you do you must, I mean must, have a solid leadership core!

Again, these are just tips. I am not going too in-depth with these but I do want to say this. A common mistake many leaders make is bringing people into the core that are just like themselves. This is common because it is comfortable, and much easier. Don’t make this mistake, look at your strengths and bring people into the core that bring added value and bring something to the team that you do not have! Sounds simple doesn’t it, well in reality is very difficult. But no matter how difficult it is don’t put it off. Start today.