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Fellowship Church blows out American Airlines Center

I just got home and still have not had a chance to process the entire event. If you are not aware, we (Fellowship Church) held our Christmas Services at the American Airlines Center this year and it was awesome. I had never seen anything like it. No concert at AAC, no sporting event, nothing had the energy and excitement that this did. So much so that during the 3:00 service the fire marshal shut the doors and did not let anyone else in the building because we were over the occupancy limit of the building (19,555 people). Yes the event was big, and yes it was great, but the true prayer is that lives were touched and transformed because of it!

If you want to know more about it I am sure that many different media outlets will write and show footage. Currently the Dallas Morning News has already released an article and I am sure that more are to come. [read]

These events don't happen without a great team and wonderful, I want to thank them all!

I will be posting pictures soon! Click here to view some pictures! (Thanks Eloy!) Good night, God Bless, and Merry Christmas.