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Steve Jobs Keynote @ Macworld 2005 Summary

Apple Retail- 101 Stores
        1 Million Visitors a week

iMac- The Worlds most beautiful Computer
    The most popular Mac

Mac OS X- The Worlds most advanced operating system
    14 million active users
    What's next- Tiger (5th major release, First half of 2005, long before longhorn)
    OS X Features covered-
    1) Spotlight, Apples Search Technology built into OS
    Steve Ran Into A Bug while opening an Image from Spotlight and     switched to a backup system.
    2) Mail, Apple's email client improved. Cool features with pictures.
    3) Quicktime 7, H.264 compression technology built in!
    4) Dashboard, a way to get in and get out of widgets in OS X.
    Apples stock was down as Steve looked at in in Dashboard.
    5) iChat, 4 party video conferencing built on H.264 technology.
HD- 2005, the year of High Definition video

    1) Final Cut Express HD $299 Full $99 Upgrade
    2) Sony and Apple working together to make it possible
iLife 05- Priced $79 available Jan 22nd

    iPhoto- New=Better searching, more formats (MPEG-4, RAW), improved editing, improved book design, prints from iPhoto for .19 cents
    iMovie- Faster, trimming in timeline, MPEG-4 support,  Magic Movie, edits HD Video!!!!!
    iDVD- 15 new themes, 1 step DVD creation, all formats excepted
    Garage Band- 8 track recording, real-time music notation, create own loops.
    John Mayer demonstrated Garage Band!
    iTunes- Nothing talked about

iWork- Building the successor to Apple Works

    - Keynote 2, cinema quality presentations for everyone
    - Pages, word processing with a sense of style. Looks like a Pagemaker/Publisher killer (compatible with MS Word).

Mac mini- The most affordable Mac ever (Jan. 22nd)

    -  Quiet, Firewire, USB 2, Slot-load combo drive, Modem, DVI, Ethernet
    -  BYODKM, Bring your own display, keyboard and mouse.
    - $499= 40 GB, 256 MB, 1.25 GHz G4
    - $599= 80 GB, 256 MB, 1.42 GHz G4

iTunes- The worlds most popular online music store.

    - More than 230,000,00 songs sold
    - 1,250,000 songs a day = 70% Market Share
    - 15 countries
    - Retooled Essentials in store

iPod- The worlds best digital music player

    - 733,000 iPods sold in Holiday 2003
    - 4,500,000 iPods sold Holiday 2004
    - 500% GROWTH
    Steve had the 10 millionth iPod on stage.
    Cars- BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Volvo, Sion, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari
    Cell Phones- iTunes client on Motorola cell phone (Spring 2005)
One more thing...
    - iPod shuffle, smaller than most packs of gum, less than 1 ounce

    - USB 2, 12 hour rechargeable battery, Mac or PC
    - Auto-fill in iTunes that will fill your iPod shuffle automatically.
    - Use iPod shuffle as a thumb drive as well
    - 512 MB, 120 songs, $99 or 1 GB, 240 songs, $149
    - Shipping NOW

Life is Random, iPod Shuffle= New TV ad

John Mayer closes it down with his song Daughters

In closing... Apple = Innovation. I love this company. And yes, if you were wondering I did watch the entier keynote on my Powerbook G4 and took notes in TextEdit.

AppleTerry Storch