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Tom, I have a church for you!

Almost everyone that I talk to in the church world asks me the same question. What makes Fellowship so successful? Then, they all say... "We know, we know, it's a God thing. But, if you had to give us something tangible what would it be?"

Simple. It's our continual strive for excellence in every area! So why did I title this blog post the way I did? I am always blow away with what Tom blogs about. Mainly because he hits so many topics that we discuss
at Fellowship. Take his 100 Ways To Succeed #40:"Experience-To-Die-For!" or Bust! Yesterday, many of us got together to discuss the new campuses that we launched this weekend. The campuses went awesome..overnight we nearly birthed 2 megachurches without taking an attendace hit at our Grapevine campus. However, when we all came together we came up with a long laundry list of things that need to improve.  Why? Simple, there were many facets that were not excellent.

"Experience-To-Die-For!" or Bust! So, is your churches experience to die for? Evaluate today!