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C3 Day 1 Session 1 (Ed Young)

The first session opened with Derric Bonnet singing U2’s new song Vertigo. Wow, what a great opening song for this years C3 conference entitled “Questions”.


ASK= Always Seeking Knowledge

Big Honkin’ Barriers

-Weakness is a barrier because of our own pride!

-Fear will be a huge barrier. We won’t ask questions because we are scare of the answers.

Leaders must ask the right people the right questions to get the right answers!

Ask The Right People…

            Ask God

            Ask Others

            Ask Yourself

The Right Questions





When we ask the right people the right questions it will throw us into a tunnel of chaos.

First comes Change Then comes Conflict and if you hang with it then comes Growth!

Things to think about:

Actions or Feelings

Service or Self

Giving or Getting