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C3 Session 3 (Ed, Lisa and LeeBeth Young)

YJC- Pastor (Young) Johnny Cross. John came up on stage and did hilarious impersonations of some pastors. (Pick up the DVD, this was great!)

Priorities and Commitments “Priorities are agreeing with God!”

Priorities in ministry overlap. Family, Church and Relationships. Since they overlap we must protect them. Statistics will tell you that family’s crash and burn because pastors don’t take this seriously.

Ways to live these priorities out.

            Become selfish about family time.

            Say NO to a lot of things to keep priorities straight.

            Establish order in the home.

            Have a date night with your spouse (at least twice a month).

            Don’t say yes to any extra curricular activity that takes away from the family.

            Take the phone off the hook.

Most people misjudge the distance between their priorities and commitments. A great thing to do is take a time log of where you spend your time. Evaluate, where does your time go? Are your commitments reflecting your priorities?

Remember, in the world of priorities, the insignificant is significant. Most decisions have long term impact, so choose wisely.