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Back from Orlando...

This weekend was a wonderful and educational trip to Orlando, Fl. Neil at Northland Church was a great host and a wealth of knowledge. (Thanks a ton Neil) Northland has it going on when it comes to the "Distributed Church" model.  To describe a "distributed church" I would have to say... completely integrated worship, integrated teaching/speaking experience, integrated audience interaction all across multiple campuses. 

This is a very difficult concept to get unless you see it in action. That is exactly why I hopped on a plane in a moments notice. But, to try and paint the picture for you they have band members and singers dispersed (distributed) amongst the campuses and are able to connect them via audio and video so the experience appears  "connected" and as "one".  So for example, a duet can happen with a worship leader on one campus and the other singer on the other campus. They would blend the images on the IMAG video screen and just like that, you would forget that there were multiple are "connected".

Currently they are using dark fiber to connect one campus (a few blocks away), and 6 T-1's to connect the second (30 miles away). However, they are about to start the install process of a Wireless Wan (5.8 ghz) solution so they will have 45 mbps (DS-3) connection to all campuses.

Northland is truly a solid leader when it comes to the "distributed church" model. I was impressed by their vision, their leadership and their execution. And, at the end of the day it all rides on those three things. There is no doubt what Northland Church's vision is, and they have assembled a great leadership team to execute it.

Check out the pictures. [link]

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