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52 Leadership Tips- #11

Recently I posted about common sense not being common. I decided to throw out some random ideas about common sense and the first was: Leaders, invest in your team, staff and others. Lori, was kind enough to post a great comment addressing the "how". So Lori, here you go!

How do you Invest In Your Team, Staff and Others. Here is what I do:

- Know the people.
You need to know people. Know their kids names, know their spouse, know what they are going through, etc. Spend time to know your people.

- Make yourself available (communication)
This is difficult, but your people need you. Make time for them and do not allow distractions. Focus on them and give them your attention.

- Avoid negativity
You can not afford to be negative. Do not allow your emotions to spill off on your team, staff or others. Negativity is very dangerous.

- Praise
When your team, staff or others do great let them know. People like to hear a job well done. When you feel it's appropriate take it to the next level and praise them with a gift of appreciation.

- Be Honest
Honesty at all times with your team will build a loyal group.

- Learn their motivative behavior
Everyone is motivated differently. Take the time to learn what motivates your team or staff. Once you know, write it down and use it.

- The Trust Zone
Your staff must have a trust zone with you. What I mean by this is they need to feel like that can truly open up with you. This only comes once a bond is developed. When you have a trust zone with your staff you will be amazed a what they will share with you! Once this happens you will have truly formed a LOYAL staff and team.