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Flash Streaming Video

Recently we moved our Streaming Video to Quicktime. After much research and testing I was convinced that this was the right move. However, much of the decision was based on the upcoming release of Quicktime 7 (it is going to be great).

I love Quicktime, and I don't think that many will argue that Quicktime does produce the highest quality image. But, here is the issue. Our viewer-ship has taken a nosedive. So this has lead me back
to the drawing board.

We are currently researching using Macromedia FVSS (Flash Video Streaming Service). So far I am very impressed with the quality and the mass market-share that Flash has. If the statistics are correct
that I am reading, 94% Flash, 64% Win Media, 58% Real, 53 % Quicktime.

So, as we dive into this project I would love your feedback if you are currently using Flash Streaming.

Here are some good examples to look at:


We are currently looking at two streaming companies to outsource this to.


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