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The Fellowship Epidemic

Leaders, innovators, o ye creative ones, pastors, entrepreneurs... read The Tipping Point. I am embarrassed to say that it took me this long to read it.

Nearly everyone that I ever talk to in the church world asks me this question, "What one thing makes Fellowship successful?" And, as I have said in the past, the standard remark always starts with "It's a God thing." But that is not what they are looking for. Here is an exerpt of The Tipping Point that shows why Fellowship is an Epidemic.

"In epidemics, the messenger matters: messengers are what make something spread. But the content of the message matters too. And the specific quality that a message needs to be successful is the quality of "stickiness." Is the message- or the food, or the movie, or the product- memorable? Is it so memorable, in fact, that it can create change, that it can spur someone to action?" -Malcolm Gladwell

The Fellowship Epidemic- Ed is God's messenger. You will hear Ed say that if the message is boring don't blame God, blame the communicator. Ed works very, very hard at his communication and spends almost all of his time focused on honing and improving his communication. Why? The messenger is what makes The Gospel spread. Next, the content. The content is important. God's word... it does not get much better than that. But that is not all. You can not get by with just opening your Bible and expect it to "just work". Why? Well, keep reading... the quality must be at a level that it creates "stickiness". Stickiness will make it memorable, and if it is so memorable it can create change. Life Change! So sticky that the life changing story of Jesus Christ can truly evoke a decision of life change.

The Fellowship epidemic; The Tipping Point (ttp), the wave of life changing stories revolving around a church that God has touched.

The Messenger Matters.
The Content Matters.
The Quality Matters.
The combined must create "stickiness".
Great stickiness will spur action.

How can you introduce TTP into your life, business, church or organization to start an epidemic?

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