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Flash Video Streaming it is!

The decision has been made and we are off to the races. We decided to go with Flash Streaming Services for our video streaming at Fellowship. After much research we decided that this was the right direction to go. Our plan is to fully launch the new video service for Easter.

So Flash was decided on, then we had to decide on the provider. Well, this frankly was not as easy. But, after a few weeks of technical overviews and price wars we opted to go with VitalStream. In our opinion the other provider, NineSystems, had more bells and whistles, but they were tools that we were not ready to use. VitalStream has been in the Flash Streaming world much longer and has a great reputation when it comes to Flash video quality. Also, VitalStream made us a very sweet financial deal.

If you are looking at your streaming solution today I highly recommend looking at both VitalStream and Ninesystems...I don't think you could go wrong with either of these two vendors.

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