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52 Leadership Tips- #15


Flexibility in leadership is essential. A close friend of mine and staff member at Fellowship has a great saying that reminds me of this concept. “Sometimes life will throw you a curveball.” What happens in your leadership when you get a curveball? Are you flexible? Do you adapt on the fly and keep going? Leadership is all about adjusting and being flexible.

Random thought: Leadership in an on-demand world.

IBM- For the on-demand business
Comcast- ON-DEMAND- TV when you want it
GoogleNEWS- News on-demand
Fast food- For the on-demand hunger

I don’t know where I was going with that, but that popped in my head. Leadership in an on-demand world requires flexibility.

So here is where I struggle. If you read my post about my strengths [link] then you know that I am wired to be Strategic. This is a great gift, and many leaders have the gift of being strategic. However, being strategic sometimes gets in the way of being flexible. I have learned while on staff at Fellowship that many times I have to put the Strategic hat on the shelf and focus on being flexible.

Flexibility:   Being open to change and new information.  Adapts behavior and work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.  Adjusts rapidly to new situations warranting attention and resolution.

Great leaders are always open to change. Great leaders are always looking for new information. Great leaders adapt. Great leaders respond on the fly.

Remember, leadership in an on-demand world requires great flexibility! Don’t let strategic thinking or however your wired pull you away from being a great and flexible leader.

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