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Bay Area Fellowship: What’s working for you?

In seven years Bay Area Fellowship has grown from 10 people to over 4000 in weekend attendance.  God is doing incredible things in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Bay Area is lead by a dynamic Senior Pastor, Bil Cornelius.  Bil and his team got it going on. So much so in fact that they are hosting a Church Growth Conference in April called GO Big.  Check out all that Bil and Bay Area got going on at
Bay Area Fellowship: What’s working for you?

God is doing such an incredible thing that we have felt from the very beginning that we must advertise and market this miracle to a city named for the “body of Christ.”  So what’s working?

Direct mail works!     
We saturate our city’s mailboxes with every new series we begin.  We have found that attendance spikes dramatically when these mailers “drop.”  The most interesting thing we have discovered through talking with people is that many came to visit after receiving 4 or 5 direct mail pieces.  Persistence works.

Commercials Work!   
We also run commercials (:30 second spots) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before each new series begins.  We are very “date” and “topic” sensitive and try to answer what, where, when, how, and why?  We actually have a line item in our budget for television as well as direct mail and we spend a relatively large amount of money to share the good news we have with our community.

Final Thought:  Be able to back-up what you advertise!   
If we say we have quality kids programs, we’d better have them.If we promise to have a great live band, they better hear it. If we claim a top notch student ministry, they better see it. My point is, for right or wrong, these visitors will only give us one shot (typically) to meet their needs, and if something in our advertising catches their attention we better truly offer excellence in those areas.  God deserves it!

God is working in so many awesome ministries around the world and I am happy to share a few of the things that have been working for us lately. Thanks. God Bless

Skip Mozisek, Music/Media Pastor