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SxSW-Bram Cohen Interviewed by Irian Slutsky

Bram Cohen- Creator of Bittorrent (what is Bittorrent?)
2 interviews in Red Herring [link] [link]

Bram is a very young, super intelligent young guy. I try and stay away from stereotypes, but Bram is the stereotypical genius programmer. This was an interview session with Irina driving the questions.  Bram is truly in his own world, and really thinks and processes on a different level than most. Here are my highlights of his interview.

Brams hot sports opinions:

“In a few years the telco’s will go out of business. Then the cost of bandwidth (DSL) will reduce to the cost that it should be.”

“Most people are idiots. People still don’t understand that your content must be on the Internet for you to make any money. So many people are forgoing profits because they are scared of the Internet.”

“I would like to remind people that copy-write infringement is illegal.”

Bram went on a tangent talking about how the Internet is broken. Diving off into technical talk about the last IP protocol being changed and IPv6 coming.

Irian asked Bram, what do you care about? Bram- "I am a programmer. I really don’t care about content, I really don’t care about much. What I care about is content flying and being made available."

A great closing stat for you. Bittorrent is 35% of all Internet traffic (summer stat). The unofficial stat that should release very soon shows that Bittorrent traffic is just over 50% of all Internet traffic.

My closing statement is bittorrent is very cool and a great new emerging technology. However, I must question the relevance of this today. The average user, the soccer moms and other users have no clue what this is. Once bittorrent becomes a “part” of the entire puzzle it will have the horsepower to dominate the delivery protocol.

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