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SxSW: The New, New Economy

A panel of seasoned entrepreneur, VC’s and writers.

Caterina Fake- Flickr
Lane Becker- Adaptive Path
Dick Costolo-
Eric Hellweg- MIT Tech Review, CNN Money
David Hornik-

To launch this session, Robert Scoble asked Caterina if Flickr sold to Yahoo. Definitely some tension on this topic, but it was truly great. [link]

This session was good, not great and focused on the entrepreneur. Is 2005 the new 1997? Is the bubble coming back? No one really jumped out and answered the question but the overriding thought was yes. They all agreed that the hype is back, that people really wanted to believe again. The session was more theory that reality which I am not a great fan of.

Overall, I do believe that we want to believe again. I can see the hype, I can feel the buzz coming back and I do think we are forming the beginning of a bubble. I think that we are much smarter now and more educated and the average person has embraced some sort of technology.  In my opinion as technology become simple, and we start to realize that it is not about the technology and if technology can become invisable, then and only then with the true unbreackable bubble with return. The “Tipping Point” if you will.

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