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Customer service, a true artform.

Top_01Tonight I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Roy’s. I first was introduced to Roy’s in Poipu, Hawaii. If you have not had an opportunity to dine at Roy’s I highly recommend it. They have the absolute best Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine.

Well tonight one thing stood out in the entire dining experience, not the great menu, not the great environment, and not the great food, it was one simple statement.

“May I show you? Please follow me.”

This simple statment followed when I asked where the restroom was. A simple question that normally...99.9% of the time is followed by a statement of direction and a finger pointing toward an exit sign. But not tonight, tonight “May I show you? Please follow me.” was a great example of taking it to the next level.

So my question is... how can we add this level of customer service to our lives? Don’t forget, something so small can be so powerful and make a huge impact in peoples lives.

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