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52 Leadership Tips- #18

GO, move, get off your rump!

To lead you have to take risks; you must take on the challenge; you have to look at what others are doing, and do something different. Leaders GO; they move; they get off their rumps!

A great thing to remember is something that I heard a long time ago. It is very difficult to turn a car that is sitting still, but a car that is moving turn’s easily.

GO, move, get off your rump. Great things can happen when you are moving, when you are going. If you sit still, being conservative, waiting on others, you will end up on the fast track to nowhere (Ferris Buller reference). A great example of this is what happened to me today. Over 2 months ago I had a great idea of a website and a cool tool for Fellowship Church. Well, I did not GO, and today I got an email from a buddy of mine of a site that is doing exactly what I was going to do. I did not act, I did not GO...someone else did.

In closing, there is no room for leaders to sit on their hands, no room for leaders being lazy. GO, move, get off your rump, great things can and will happen.