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Easter Recap @ Fellowship Church

Plleft_logo_1Now that the cat has been publicly let out of the bag about Fellowship Easter numbers I can put them out on my site. I have been peppered with emails asking what our numbers were, so here it is!

Without a doubt, Easter and Christmas are our two biggest weekends at FC. This year for Easter we had many cards stacked against us. 1) Spring Break and 2) Horrible weather. Two scenarios that were not good for us. However, it turned out great. God showed up in a great way and made the very best of a potentially bad situation. Just for you to know, we had a total of 18 services over our 4 campuses over 3 days. Crazy! Here is how the numbers break down.

Alliance: 1,415 (Easter Sunday was the grand opening for this satellite)
Uptown: 1,345
Plano: 3,199
Grapevine: 28,542
Adding up to a grand total of 34,501

Yes, 34k is a lot of people, but the amazing thing to look at is the incredible turn out at our satellite campuses. We are praying that this is a launching pad for us to  reach those communities. Also, it is very important for us and everyone to remember that behind each and every number is a person. We now are completely focused on connecting and reaching those people and getting them involved in the life of FC.

So there ya go, there is the info that you have been peppering me about!