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52 Leadership Tips- #20.5

When and where do you think?

Leaders must have think time. Time to disconnect from technology, from the race, from life and really think! I get away with my management team 2 times a year for thinking, planning, stategizing, etc. I also get away with the executive team once a year for the exact same thing, plus some recreation. This is very important for me!

But, I find it just as important to pull away from everything and have true think time. The brain waves that stimulate thinking and creativity (Theta Waves) function best under complete relaxation and no stress.  We all need to find our happy places and retreat there regularly to think and plan.

You now might be asking what is 20.5. What is the .5, and why is a leadership tip coming out on Friday? Well, because someone has already posted about it and I am just going to point you in their direction.

My brother Todd posted this morning “When and where do you think?”.  Visit his post and leave some great comments. [link]

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