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A true sidebar

I have been sick almost all week. I came home Tuesday after work with a horrible stomach issue. Things went downhill fast! Well, now I am recovering and coming out of it, you know, being home sick is truly a whipping. For my personality there is not much worse that being home sick. Sick= unproductive, lazy, bla. Not good. It drives me nuts.

But, today I am feeling better and playing with one of my true passions, music. I love music, I always have. I think that since I had a older brother growing up that loved music as well, I had no choice. Now, I do love all types of music (exempt country), I listen to Classical, Christian, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Rap, Metal, R&B, Disco, Techno, and you know... you get the point. But, there is a sweet spot in my heart for good old fashioned heavy guitar rock. A song in my opinion is like a story-line, it must have a great opener that hooks you, an awesome story that keeps you, and a climatic closer that completes you.  For this to happen for me,  it falls on the shoulders of the guitarist. For you to know, my favorite one of all times is Randy Rhodes. But, a close second, and someone that is still making GREAT music is...

Listen to these 5 outstanding Guitar Rock openers and you name that guitarist.


Hint: He is a 3 time guitarist of the year, and one magazine claims that because of him, true guitar rock lives.

Thanks for allowing me to take a sidebar. I feel much better... and you have a little bit better view into the mind of Terry.

Update: Tell me who your favorite guitarist is...

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