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Havin’ fun

I think that I have shared in the past how much I truly love my job. What an honor to work at Fellowship and  truly be perfectly in line with my strengths. As I look at my role, I have the incredible opportunity to touch so many different areas:

    CTO- Oversee all Technology
    COO- Oversee staffing/HR, logistics, misc. operations
    Executive Director of

As I look at the wide range of responsibilities the first thing that rings true is... I have an incredible team that I lean on daily. But, as I look deeper, and really evaluate my strengths and giftedness I find that I am truly havin’ the most fun with This is not at all to say that I don’t love my other areas, I do. They bring be great joy as well. But over the past 16 months since we launched I have truly been drawn to it. One of the greatest joys of my life is when I assist others in being successful. It can come in many different ways, but I have great joy seeing others become successful, and that is truly the purpose of

What’s my point? Simple, you must have fun at work! The best way for that to happen is align your strengths with your tasks. When you are clicking on all cylinders and truly have a passion for what you do then work becomes fun! I can not fathom not having fun everyday. This is not to say that it is not still very hard, stressful, challenging, etc, etc. But, all of that is still fun because allows me to tap into my passion for people, enjoyment of marketing, customer service, and my constant desire to improve.

Wow, havin’ fun!

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