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Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, HB 1515 and Robert Scoble

On Friday April 22nd, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO sent an email to all the MS employees. His email addressed the current issue of HB 1515 and its direct impact with Microsoft.

Read Steve Ballmer’s email [link]

After Steve’s email, Robert Scoble posted his reply, and he is not happy with what went down in this case.

Read Robert Scoble’s reply [link]

First and foremost, my blog does not center around politics or my religious views, however, it should not take you back to know that I am completely against gay marriage. But that is not my reason for this post. The reason for my post is this comment that Scoble made in his reply:

Steve: this comes down to leadership. What kind of society do we want to live in? One where religious folks decide the society we live in? Hint: my wife left Iran for a reason. My mom left Germany for a reason. There are bloggers in jail as we speak because religious people are so powerful in their societies. I guess we (Microsoft) have to now pass every decision to our religious leaders to make sure it's OK with them. -Robert Scoble

What kind of society do we live in? A free society where people actually vote, it’s called a democracy. Robert, America has voted against gay marriage again and again. Robert, I love your insight and your passion but I really think that you are way off base with this one. But again, I am one of those religious right wing guys, but I do not hold my opinion and view against you.  On a strictly business point of view, I do agree with Dave Winer. [link]

Update: Brian chimes in on this issue as well [link]. I do agree with Brian, and I should of made this clear before. I do respect Robert for stepping out and standing up for what he believes in. His passion is awesome and I wish that others could look at it and learn from it.

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