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2007 projections.

Today I received an email from a conference coordinator for a multi-site conference I am attending in a week or so in Washington DC. Apparently I forgot to fill out a section of the paperwork. She asked “It would helpful if you could project how many venues you think you will have by May 2007.”

2007? That is over a year and a half away. In Fellowship time that is like a decade. I don’t think I can accurately project how many campuses/venues we will have in the next 6 months. I think I laughed 2 minutes when I read her email.

Update: Ok, that response did not work. She pressed me to really think about it and put a calculator to it. So here is what I came up with. Now, let me stress this is just my personal hand scratched thought, not anything that the FC team has come up with!

May 2007 Projections
25,000 weekend attendance
15 total services
5 campuses

I look at these numbers and really have no idea, I tried to be as conservative as possible. If I push the rewind button 2 years I would of never thought we would be where we are today!


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