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52 Leadership Tips- #25

Quick Recovery II

As a leader you will not only have to deal with your own errors, you will be forced to deal with the mistakes and blunders that your staff make. In these events it is important to remember that first we all fall short, and second refer to the 5 tips that I gave you last week [link]. Once you have followed those two core principals, here are some things to think about.

Your staff's mistakes are your mistakes. Do not blame them publicly, take responsibility always! You are the leader of the organization or department, act like it.

In the middle of the mistake or blunder, do not focus on the mistake and reprimand your staff. Get past the blunder and recover first, then address your team once the mistake has been resolved. When addressing them put your coaching hat on, and help them learn and grow from the mistake.

Always empower your team to find the solutions. The natural reaction is to take over, but this will lead to a dis-empowered staff.

You must be the protector of your team. Support your team, and debunk the rumors or myths with facts.

Always stay calm and confident. Never let your emotions get the best of you and fly off the handle! The way you react to the problem can make more of an impact then the problem itself.

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