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Traveling is normally the only time that I read the USAToday. And since I am in Washington DC for the next couple of days, I have the opportunity to scan and read it. Today, the cover story on the Money section is titled CEO’s refuse to get tangled up in messy blogs.

The article is great, I recommend the read. [link to article] Here are some of the opening comments that were fascinating.

Eight and a half million people are writing blogs, up from 100,000 two years ago, and a new one begins every seven seconds, according to search engine Technorati.

Many companies encourage blogging-below the CEO level. Microsoft has 1800 employees doing it. Including Robert Scoble who is becoming a cybercelebrity and is read worldwide. (You go Robert!!!)

Sun Microsystems confirms that 1000 of Sun’s 32,000 workers blog, including the number 2 in charge, Johnathan Scwartz.

List of Executive Blogs:

Bob Lutz- GM
Johnathan Schwartz- Sun Micro
Greg Papadopoulos- Sun Micro
Randy Baseler- Bowing
Alan Meckler- Jupitermedia
Mark Cuban- Dallas Mav’s
Rick Marcello- HP
Christian Lindholm- Nokia
Craig Newmark- Craigslist
Bob Pritchett- Logos Bible Software

Finally, what I found very interesting was: Blogging executives get “fine grain” report about who their readers are, and many of the most devoted readers are competitors, Schwartz says.

Who’s blogs are your reading?

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