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A philosophy of leadership

I just got an email from Rick Warren from This talk was about the philosophy of leadership. Rick is an amazing communicator because he does what is very difficult to do: keep it simple. Rick’s true gift is being able to take the complex and make it simple. Enough about that, onto the 6 philosophies.

1. Nothing happens until someone provides leadership for it.
2. Leadership is influence
3. The test of leadership is “Is anybody following?”
4. The foundation of leadership is character, not charisma
5. Leadership can be learned
6. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading

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I think these are great. However, number 5 is in question for me. I disagree, leadership in my opinion can not be learned completely. I do think that you are born with the inner makeup of a leader. You can improve, and learn how to be better, but I do not think that it can be completely learned.

What do you think?