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52 Leadership Tips- #27


A key to effective leadership in my opinion is simplification. We all have heard the statement, keep it simple stupid. However, just because we have heard the statement does not mean that it rings true in our organizations. Simple, how does that word translate into your leadership style and your organization?

Simple leadership starts with identifying what you need to be doing. What is your job? What do you get paid to do, or, what is your core competency? Sounds easy and elementary, but all to often we loose focus on what we are suppose to do, and what our priorities are. Once you know and identify your priorities look at your tasks or where you spend your time. It is amazing how we will say our priorities are x, but when we look at our time log they don’t match up. Your priorities should drive everything!

Now that you have identified what you need to do, identify what your team and staff need to do. What did you employ them for? What is their purpose in the organization? Now, I am not talking about a multiple page job description that is full of mumbo jumbo. I am talking about their core purpose in the organization. I know that many organizations and churches have their staff members were a ton of hats, but don’t fool yourself, that cannot go on forever. The further away from the top of the organization you get, the more specific the job role should become. A perfect example of this is in my life. Just recently I was looking at all the hats that I were on a daily basis and it was staggering. So, I reorganized my leadership team and some of their responsibilities to allow me to focus more on my core competencies and where I can best serve in the organization. This was not necessarily an easy thing to do, but it was the right thing, and the results so far have been great!

Keep is simple stupid. Don’t over think it, over plan it, or over analyze it. Simplify it. You will be a much better leader because of it.

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