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Blogging 101 Notes

Here are the notes and outline from the first Blogging 101 class atFellowship.  The turn out was great, with over 20 people in the conference room and I hope that is was informative for them. Check out these notes from Troy Page. [View] I actually think that I see a Ligor that he was drawing, or is that me?


Blog Definition [*]
A website with a casual, “conversational feel” to it.  It is continually updated by the author/authors.  A blog can be personal, professional, or corporate.


•  [*] Robert Scoble - Microsoft
•  [*] Bruce Johnson – Leadership lessons for pastors
•  [*] Scott Hodge – Pastoral/behind the scenes and great personal connection with readers
•  [*] Dallas Morning News – RSS example:  subscribe to certain sections of the paper
•  [*] Apple – RSS example:  subscribe to new products

What is your purpose?

•  Personal – Robin’s blog (for family/friends)
•  Professional – Terry’s blog (technology/operations/leadership)
•  Official/Corporate – GM blog example/what do customers want/etc?

Philosophy- Mark's Tips

•  Documentation
•  FAQ
•  Networking


•  Building community - Engadget blog (very technical, but a great community)
•  Easy publication – easy to post/update/change
•  Sharing great information – Tom Peters blog (one location go get his favorite daily posts)

[*] Terry’s marriage/ministry post
[*] Terry’s Online giving conference call post
[*] Scoble’s observation of FC (relationships, connectivity of non believers & believers)

•    Better communication – Thomas Nelson’s CEO’s blog/internal communication


•  Fellowship Epidemic Post

How do you handle negative comments? How you handle defending a view/can be a danger

•    The Blogging Policy– understand that anyone/everyone is able to read your blog

Be careful of what you say, it’s on the Internet and open to everyone!
Be careful how you represent your church, and yourself

•    Watch for islands when creating departmental blogs


•  Define RSS – difference between website and weblog allows you to subscribe a number of blogs – anytime there is a new post it tells you
Great way to keep up with many blogs on a daily basis, a free service
– blogs have the RSS technology, websites do not
•    Bloglines – a great agrigator that I recommend to read many blogs (rss feeds)


•  Blogspot free Google product
•  Typepad more customizable - pay for this service - more features photo album/typelists/etc

Tools for a Blog

•  Google Search
•  Blog Roll (Bloglines) - people can see what you’re reading and read along too
•  RSS Icons
•  Build a better blog – Brian Bailey’s 10 tips post
•  Blogging tips

o  Focus on what are you saying how are you saying it
o  Quick community/quick information – short posts are great!
o  Be personal – people want a personal inside scoop
o  Creative Titles are a must
o  Publish your posts during high traffics times
o  Write your posts and set up a future publish date
o  Drafting capability to start/finish posts when you have time
o  Give credit where credit is due, include links to what you’re posting
o  Comment on others’ sites & include your blog address when commenting
o  Typepad & Blogger can email you to notify of comments made on your blog
o  RSS feed doesn’t notify you about comments on your blog


TROY - Can you sell product on blogs? 

Yes, you can promote books/etc.  Most link to Amazon to purchase.  You can also self promote – Seth Godwin example

SCOTT - How much is Typepad per month?

$4.95, $8.95 or $14.95 per month depending on the package you want to purchase

TERRY – Will you have internal blogs for Executive level pastors at FC?

Yes, we will. They will be created internally in the next month or so.

DELENA – Will you help to develop departmental blogs at FC?

We will be supporting those departmental blogs along with Exec’s blogs.

JANAY – Do you reply to the comments you receive/what is your responsibility to the comments you receive?

Yes, some are addressed, some just let them ride. Some generalized, some more specifically addressed depending on their remark.

AMY – Can you set up separate authors on one blog?

Yes, you can publish multiple authors on a blog – credit shown at end of post.  They can have different logins, etc.