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Ultimate Message Prep Tool

As I am now using Backpack as a planning tool for my blog, and I have discovered that this could be the ultimate tool for preparing a sermon or message. If you use a creative team this could be the ultimate collaboration tool that is free or very low cost!

Great tools such as Lists, Notes, File sharing, Images, and Links! You can create separate pages very easy. I would think that you could dedicate a page for each message or series that you are planning. Then attach your notes, create idea lists and even upload research files. If you find websites that help with research just save them as links. Wow, it is so easy to use!

I am now using Backpack to help with the planning of I have my 52 Leadership Tips as notes, and additional ideas for upcoming posts. I have a notes section for my Introductions, and all of the people I am going to introduce you to. And I have a list of the days of the week, for my dedicated daily posts.

I love Backpack, have you tried it?  If so let me know what you think.

Web/TechTerry Storch