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Round and Round

So, what comes to your mind with that title? Personally I have to tell you growing up in the hair band days the only thing I can think of is Rat. “Round and Round, what comes around goes around, I tell you why”... Scary, and if you are in your 30's it will be stuck in your head for a while.Roundabout

But that is not what this post is about. I just got back from a wonderful vacation with my outstanding wife to the majestic Beaver Creek, Colorado. Wow, it was a wonderful trip. But here is what stuck out in my mind... Round and Round. In the Beaver Creek, Edwards and Vail area there are Round Abouts everywhere. No 3-way or 4 way stops, Round Abouts. Oh my, the Round Abouts are true greatness. I love them!! No stopping, just yielding. No waisting my time, not wondering who needs to go, no getting mad that I was here first pal. They are wonderful. Also, they were very well maintained, beautiful flowers, trees and grass.

I am now totally on the Round About band wagon. I think as we start to think about moving in the local Dallas area, I am going to look for an area that has Round Abouts! Maybe I can get active on the local city counsel to push for the Round Abouts....

In closing I will leave you with this. “Look kids, Big Bend, Parliament”. Even Clark W. Griswold loved Round Abouts. Are you a fan of the Round About, I would love to know.