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52 Leadership Tips- #29

Core Competencies

Do what you do, and do it extremely well! As the leader of your organization, church or even department you must stay focused on what your core competency is. Focus on what you do and do it extremely well, it is that simple. But so, so many people, organizations and churches get this so wrong, or take a detour from this principal.

Define: Core competency

So why do so many people get this wrong? First, you must know what your organization, church or departments core competency is. Spend a few moments figuring that out, if this process takes too long you might have a problem! Then, the most important next step is one simple word; NO. You must say no a lot more than you say yes. Practice saying it, No. If you have ever had a 2 year old, learn from them, say no. You as the leader do not even have to give a reason, just no. Stay true to your core competency by saying no to the bad and even good things, so you can say yes to just the core or great things. (Just like Jim Collins said in Good to Great.)

Remember, successful organizations, churches, or departments often have one main core competency, or a closely related group of them that support each other.  This is a true art of working smart, not hard.