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Is Google the new Bubble?

Google is now the most valuable media company surpassing Time Warner in just 10 months of trading.

Google’s share price on the Nasdaq rose another $2.18 to close at $293.12 on Tuesday, an all-time high. Stock market analysts have suggested the stock could go as high as $325 or $350 a share. -Reuters

This begs the question of, is Google the new tech bubble of 2005? According to the Reuters article, Yahoo as one of the big Internet media competitor, carries a market value some $27 billion less than Google.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Google fan, but is this real? I am a HUGE CNBC fan, and many shows that I watch see Google going higher and higher.... However, it does alarm me a little. Maybe it is just because I did not jump in on the IPO auction, I could still be bitter about that!

[Read full Reuters story]

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