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Top 10 athlete earnings for 2005

Take quick guess who is the #1 top earning athlete in 2005. Jordan? Shaq? Lance? Nope, and I would be willing to bet that you would only get 1 out of the top 3! This is absolutely fascinating to me.

  1. Tiger Woods- 87 million
  2. Michael Schumacher- 60 million
  3. Oscar De La Hoya- 38 million
  4. Michael Vick- 37.5 million
  5. Shaquille O'Neal 33.4 million
  6. Michael Jordan- 33 million
  7. David Beckham- 32.5 million
  8. Kobe Bryant- 28.8 million
  9. Lance Armstrong- 28 million
  10. Valentino Rossi- 28 million

Here is something also that will blow your mind. Tiger's Nike deal is up this year, and they will go into negotiation for 2006. I think he will get a deal like Jordan that he makes guaranteed money, plus a % of his sales. His contact could be close to a BILLION dollars! Wow, now that will blow your mind.