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52 Leadership Tips- #32 (Be A History Maker!)

I am a huge CNBC fan. I love watching the market, and everything that goes with it. One of my favorite sayings while watching CNBC is "Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results." Every time a commercial comes on for a money market account, a broker, an index fund, etc… you hear it. Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results. Well, that might be true with the market, but it is not true with a lot of things!

My opinion is: Past Performance DOES strongly Dictate Future Results with Most Everything!

It DOES with: Your Staff, Organization, Church, Leadership, Decision Making, Managing, Discipline, Attitude, Motivation, Time Management, Food Choice, Diet, Exercise Plan, Devotional Time, etc, etc, and YOU!

If you want to look into the future, look into the past. History tells a great story about everything. Sure, people can change, organizations can change, even you can change. But most of the time you won’t, organizations won’t, and people don’t.

Why is it that churches, who are asking a sinful world to change from its old selfish ways, are not up to the challenge of changing themselves? Why is it that people, who are criticizing others, are not willing to look at themselves? Why is it that innovative companies that started strong years ago, but now are struggling to make payroll will not return to innovation? As it has been said before, doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results is insanity.

True change, history breaking change takes a catalyst. A breaking the mold attitude, a Change or Die (Fast Company article) mentality mixed with a great change agent! When great leadership mixes with a great change agent you are on your way to break historical patters. You are on your way to being a History Maker!