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Ouch, that hurt!

My blogging buddy Tony Morgan posted this morning about his first experience watching Blow Out on Bravo.

“I tried to watch the show last night. I made Emily watch it with me. It made me feel very dirty. I could only take it for a few minutes… I learned a lot about Terry, though, in those few minutes.” -Tony

Ouch, that is gonna leave a mark. Ok, I know there is some language that gets bleeped out in the show, and a few other things. Heck, the show is filmed in Beverly Hills, sure there are a few other things, but “dirty”.

I don’t know. Maybe I am just going nuts or something. I have now watched the show for over a year… all last season and the first 4 episodes of this year. I can say that I have formed a “connection” with some of the personalities. Maybe I am just weird, I can deal with that!

Have you seen the show? Does it make you feel “dirty”? Am I nuts? Maybe I should just go play golf. Speaking of that I shot a 76 yesterday. I was even par through 16 holes, and then doubled the last 2 holes. Nuts! It was great…

Update: Am I going to be shunned now at Granger? Am I the talk of the staff? I was going to go to their Innovative Church Conference in September but now...will they even let me come?

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