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Restaurant Review- Fuse, Dallas

This is the start of my restaurant review posts. For those of you who know me, food is a part of my life. So, I have decided to make it a part of my blog.

Tonight, Robin and I had our delayed Father’s Day dinner, so we made it a date night. Lori recommended Fuse, and after reviewing their website we decided that we would give it a chance.

Fuse (Get Map)
1512 Commerce St
Dallas, Texas 75201
Phone: 214-742-3873

Upon walking into Fuse I instantly felt like I was in New York, in the cool urban SOHO district. As you come in off the downtown Dallas skyline, you walk into a unique decor blend of bright and colorful Texas cowboy boots, fused with an Asian urban color pallet and many beautiful people. If you find yourself at Fuse, you will feel comfortable from torn jeans with a t-shirt, to a sport jacket and chinos.

The menu is a true delight. It features a very unique Tex-Asian cuisine. With hundreds of typical Asian choices in the Dallas area, this is a breath of fresh air. I would define Tex-Asian as a perfect blend of Asian food flair with Texas spice and fantastic boldness. Diving off into the menu was perfectly balanced, not too many choices, but not too slim. Beautiful choices of sushi, starters, salads, main dishes and a few deserts. One amazing discovery at Fuse is the prices. I would have to give them a $$ for price, the most expensive meal was $22!

Our waiter, Jazz Russell Hodges was perfect. He was a huge help with the choices on the menu, and an artful servant. He was balanced in his attack, and even though he met everyone of our needs, he was never overbearing! Along with the service, the food was delivered with perfect timing. Robin and I both enjoyed a full 4 course meal, and each course was perfectly timed and came out perfectly prepared at the precise temperature.

Our choices: Robin | Terry
Strawberry Iced Tea | San Pellegrino
Brisket Pot Stickers | Sashimi Tuna with Verde Salsa
Farmers Market Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad | Mesculun Salad
Organic Roasted Chicken | Ahi Tuna in a Avocado Cream Sauce with Roasted Corn
Warn Chocolate Cake | Chai Tea de Cream and Coconut Macaroons
------- | French Press Decaf

The food was fantastic! Nothing that Robin and I had was not excellent! My favorite was the starter, Sashimi Tuna with Verde Salsa. Wow, it was perfect. Robin’s favorite was the chicken. It was a balanced blend of roasted chicken, grape tomatoes, fingerling potatoes and Asian spices. Closing of the meal consisted of the Executive Chef, Blaine Staniford stopping by our table and checking on us. Blaine was very friendly, energetic, and amazingly young (he looked mid to late 20's).

Fuse just opened in June, and is amazing. I would recommend making reservations today and make you way to downtown Dallas.

Food- T T T T T (5 T's)
Service T T T T t (4 1/2 T's)
Atmosphere- T T T T t (4 1/2 T's)

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