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Trying to avoid it!

Well, I was trying to avoid it, but I should of known better. The Boston Globe interviewed me a few weeks ago and here is the article. I am not very happy with the results, I just don’t understand how they can take my info, and turn it into this.

Crazy stuff. Chris Busch gave me some great suggestions when talking to the press:

1) Record the phone call (let them know you are.)
2) While recording, ask them questions about the article they are writing.
3) Ask details about the storyline.
4) Ask them how they are going to use the interview.
5) Feel free to ask them to submit the questions in writing for a written response.

I loved this line... You can never fully trust the media, but you can not really afford to ignore them either!

So, with that being said, I hope you enjoy the article. And, be very careful when you talk to the press!